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Our Focus

The Mighty Tatanka Nation is a father-child program based on the heritage and symbolism of the Native American Indians. We faithfully continue the legacy of the original Indian Guide and Indian Princess programs started over 80 years ago by Joe Friday and Harold Keltner. The goal of the program is to build and strengthen the loving bonds between fathers and their sons and daughters (K to 4th grade) by providing structured, fun activities for them to enjoy together during the school year.

We also hope to build life-long friendships between the fathers in the Nation by encouraging many group activities which allow the fathers to share interesting events and activities with each other and with their tribe members, all while enlightening and educating Nation members about Native American culture, traditions and history.
Purity of Heart

To be clean in body and pure in heart.


For parents to always be friends with their children and for children to always be friends with their parents.

Love My Whole Family
(Sagiiwewin endashiian)

To love the sacred circle of my family

Listen With Attention

To be attentive while others speak.

Love Thy Neighbor
(Sagiiwewin kidj’ anishinabe)

To love my neighbor as myself.

Respect Earth
(Dabandendamowin akki)

To seek and preserve the beauty of the Great Spirit’s work in the forest, fields and streams.

We have over 150 sons and daughters enjoy the program each year. Find out why they love it so much.

Tatanka Nation Event Schedule

The Mighty Tatanka Nation has both nation events and tribe events. The Nation Events are for all tribes in the nation, while tribe events are for individual tribes to organize and plan.

Nation Events

2019 - 2020
Date Event Location Photos/Videos
Aug 24, 2019
11am - 1pm
Kickoff Picnic Myers Park Pole Barn Photos
Sept 20-22, 2019 Fall Campout Sky Ranch
registration closed
Oct 26, 2019
2pm - 4pm
Rocket Launch &
Turkey Shoot
Myers Lake Polo Field
Nov 8-10, 2019 Winter Campout El Tesoro
registration closed
Dec 14, 2019 Christmas Parade Downtown McKinney Photos
Jan 18th, 2020 Pinewood Derby First Baptist McKinney
Feb 22nd, 2020 Daddy Daughter Dance Eldorado Country Club
Feb 29th, 2020 Hockey Night Allen Event Center Info Flyer
March 20-22, 2020 Spring Campout EVENT CANCELED
registration closed
April 2020 RoughRiders Game EVENT CANCELED
May 16-18, 2020 Summer Campout EVENT CANCELED
registration closed

White Buffalo Event Schedule

These events are for White Buffalo members only

White Buffalo Events

2019 - 2020
Date Event Location Photos/Videos
September 7-9, 2019 White Buffalo Campout #1 Disciples Crossing & Texas Fisheries Center


The Mighty Tatanka Nation is comprised of the following tribes. Each tribe contains either all boys or all girls.
Dream Catchers
Rainbow Flyers
White Buffalo


Your children are only young for a short amount of time. Check out why fathers and children find this program such a rewarding experience that they will treasure forever.

Other Programs

The following programs allow your child(ren) to continue the adventures after they graduate from Indian Princess and Guides (after 4th Grade year)
White Buffalo

Graduates of the Mighty Tatanka Nation have enjoyed an abundance of wonderful experiences that produce closeness and ever-lasting memories tween father and child. Tremendous bonds of friendship are also blessings enjoyed from being on this journey. Why then shall it be so that these experiences must end one day? It is said, you can't go back. Well then, let us move forward and continue to create memories. The Sacred Order of the White Buffalo is made for Dads and Indian Princesses and Indian Guides dedicated to the proposition to live life to its fullest, creating experiences of profound value together irrespective of age; through group functions having adventures beyond graduation. The White Buffalo Program is a part of the Mighty Tatanka Nation that provides for new graduates to continue to enjoy the Nation campouts with their home tribe for one year in a leadership role to be determined by tribe chiefs. But there is even more to come.

Immediately following graduation and continuing for years to come, White Buffalo are invited and encouraged to continue enjoying thrilling and amazing adventures with Dad and with friends. Several local activates and also over-night excursions are in store for those who are adventurous at heart. NEW MEMBERS WELCOME! This group is not just for kids who have aged out of the regular Tatanka Program. Encourage your friends who are 5th grade and older to come join the fun. To the American Indian, the White Buffalo is a symbol of abundance . So I can think of no better name for this program. King JESUS tells us in the book of John,... I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10:10

So let's go live life to its fullest. Come, join the Sacred Order of the White Buffalo. YA Ta Hey!

Events that are exempt for White Buffalo include:

  • - Rocket Launch and Turkey Shoot
  • - Pinewood Derby
  • - Daddy Daughter Dance

NOTE: If a 5th grader has never been part of the program before, he/she can register as a regular member. When registering online, please check the "white buffalo" option.

Register for White Buffalo
Eagle Feather Program

The Bear Creek Federation Eagle Feather program is for fathers and daughters that have outgrown the Indian Princesses programs (typically daughters ranging from ages 12 to 16+). Graduated Indian Princesses from the Tatanka Nation (McKinney, Texas), Caddo Nation (Allen, Texas), and Yo-He-Wah Nation (NE Tarrant County, Texas) are invited to participate. Those not previously participating in Indian Princesses are also welcome and encouraged to join.

The program is modeled after the Indian Princess Program, with activities aligned with the interests and abilities of older girls (and Fathers). Typically one activity is scheduled per month. Prior activities have included 3 to 4 campouts per year (sometimes in cabins), a canoe trip, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, a Trinity Railway Express train trip into Dallas West End for dinner and the Dallas Aquarium, outings to a melodrama dinner theater for popcorn tossing, and Laser Tag. Some of the camping trips have been in combination with rock climbing in the Wichita Mountains and visits to State of Texas fisheries, viewing the Christmas light exhibit in Tyler Texas, and the World Championship Weiner Dog Races in Sulfur, OK.

Need more information or would like to join? Visit the Eagle Feather web page for more information.

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