Next Event:
The 2016/2017 Tatanka Nation season kicks off with a Picnic August 20th from 10am-2pm at Myers Park Pole Barn in McKinney. This free event is open to everyone, so make sure to invite your friends.

Welcome to The Mighty Tatanka Nation, Indian Princesses and Guides

The Mighty Tatanka Nation is a father-child program based on the heritage and symbolism of the Native American Indians. We faithfully continue the legacy of the original Indian Guide and Indian Princess programs started over 75 years ago by Joe Friday and Harold Keltner. The goal of the program is to build and strengthen the loving bonds between fathers and their sons and daughters (K to 4th grade) by providing structured, fun activities for them to enjoy together during the school year.

We also hope to build life-long friendships between the fathers in the Nation by encouraging many group activities which allow the fathers to share interesting events and activities with each other and with their tribe members, all while enlightening and educating Nation members about Native American culture, traditions and history.

Tatanka Nation